VISOFT 3D Visualisation of space

In our showroom we offer 3D bathroom-design software through Visoft software to give you photorealistic view of every corner of your bathroom even before you begin with works.


  • VISOFT software is designed to help our customers in choosing materials for their bathroom. The program database includes more than two hundred thousands original tiles from over 150 manufacturers and more than fifteen thousand sanitary items and accessories from over 70 world’s renowned manufacturers. Using the software our staff is always at your disposal to help you give your ideas a form by providing you with a preview of your new bathroom before you even step into it.


  • VISOFT is a computer software that allows 3D planning of bathrooms and other interior space of your home
  • it provides visual preview of bathrooms before purchasing ceramic and other equipment
  • it encourages creativity of clients allowing them to design their own bathroom space according to their wishes and ideas
  • it allows the seller a complete presentation of their merchandise
  • software automatically indicates amount of ceramic tiles that you need for your bathroom
  • software provides complete schematic presentation of tiles installation that allows tilers to achieve their best performance
  • apart from ceramic tiles the software allows usage of sanitaryware, taps, bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories etc. that gives customer a detailed preview of their future bathroom
  • customers themselves are involved in planning their bathroom which allows them to turn their ideas into a realistic 3D view

In order to get an accurate design a customer is expected to provide precise measures of their space with exact positions of openning.

Customer is responsible for accurate dimensions of their space.

VISOFT software planning is done exclusively for our customers.

Any additional information about 3D “Visoft” modeling/rendering are available in our showroom or at e-mail address: [email protected]

Providing you with a realistic view of every corner of your bathroom even before you begin with works.